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Barbour signs 'meth' bill into law

Gov. Haley Barbour

Gov. Haley Barbour

JACKSON — Gov. Haley Barbour has signed House Bill 512, aimed at restricting the purchase of a key ingredient of the illegal drug methamphetamine.

House Bill 512, which takes effect July 1, requires a doctor’s prescription to purchase cold and sinus medicine containing the ingredient pseudoephedrine. The bill swiftly passed the Legislature this month with overwhelming bipartisan support.

“We are serious about reducing the use of methamphetamine in our state,” Barbour said. “This law is another tool for law enforcement to fight illegal drugs and protect our communities.

Barbour thanked Public Safety commissioner Steve Simpson and Bureau of Narcotics director Marshall Fisher for the work their agents are doing in the field to shut down meth labs and for their support and input on House Bill 512.

 He also praised the bipartisan cooperation that resulted in the bill’s passage.

“Party lines don’t matter when it comes to fighting a drug as destructive as meth,” Barbour said.

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  1. Does anyone think this crap through? Why should a cheap, effective and safe medication be made prescription? Now to get simple cold relief, people will have to take off of work and/or take their kids out of school to make a visit to the doctors office. Here is a perfect example of why our medical costs keep spiraling upward. I don’t really care who does meth, if they kill themselves, why should I care?

  2. I’m afraid you didn’t do your homework, Wally…meth is NOT an illegal drug! It is DEA Schedule II, which means it is a controlled substance that requires a prescription, like Oxycontin or Tylenol #3. It is manufactured by several pharmaceutical companies and available in drug stores under the trade name “Desoxyn” (use Google if you like) and is used to treat ADD, narcolepsy, depression, and help the severely obese lose weight.

    I think it would be more proper to write “Gov. Haley Barbour has signed House Bill 512, aimed at restricting the purchase of a key ingredient used in the illegal manufacture of the drug methamphetamine.
    As it reads now, it gives the reader the impression that all forms of meth are illegal when they are not.

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