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Calling all entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs come in all varieties: young, old, male, female, those with advanced degrees as well as those who never completed high school.  Entrepreneurs represent all races, all creeds, all perspectives. They include those with access to serious capital and many who succeed with no capital at all.

Entrepreneurs are the people who are driven to start and run businesses, create new products and services, make money and excel at what they do.

Entrepreneurs are the people who start the fires, lay the foundations and then create opportunities for jobs and employment for many, many others.

Of all the nations in history, America has stood at the summit for entrepreneurial achievement and excellence through the years.  Entrepreneurs are responsible for much of America’s prosperity and economic strength.

Entrepreneurs don’t always succeed — at least, not on the first try. However, they tend to have a solid commitment to the old adage, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

I’d love to hear from, and talk with, some of our Mississippi entrepreneurs who are building businesses, creating products and services, hiring employees and helping to build Mississippi’s future. I’m planning a column that will run sporadically on our pages and web sites, which I’ll call “Entrepreneur’s Corner.” I know from discussions with many of  our readers that they’re keenly interested to read about people who are making things happen in business in our region and state.

Are you a driven entrepreneur? Are you building a business from idea to execution? Please be assured that in this case, size really doesn’t matter. I’m equally interested in hearing from those who are running a business from their kitchen table, as well as those who have a suite of swank offices in a highrise.  If you’re an entrepreneur who’d be willing to candidly share your story with our readers, please e-mail me at alan.turner@msbusiness.com, and tell me a little about yourself and your business.  Please place the term “Entrepreneur” in the e-mail header. OR, if you are not an entrepreneur, perhaps you might know someone you could recommend who deserves recognition for their achievement.

I’ll be inviting some of you to meet with me and share your experiences. That may include your failures as well as successes, and hopefully, some of the important things you’ve learned along the way. I’ll be looking forward to meeting you and introducing you to our readers.

Contact Mississippi Business Journal publisher Alan Turner at alan.turner@msbusiness.com or (601) 364-1021.

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