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City officials call for Johnson's resignation

MADISON — Officials in the City of Madison are unhappy with Madison County District 2 Supervisor Tim Johnson. They don’t want him to change — they want him gone.

According to the blog Jackson Jambalaya, the Madison Board of Alderman has unanimously passed a non-binding resolution calling for Johnson’s resignation. Madison Mayor Mary Hawkins-Butler signed the resolution.

The complaint reads: “WHEREAS, the citizens of the City of Madison are also residents and taxpayers of Madison County, Mississippi, and have a vested interest in the administration of county affairs, especially as it relates to expenditure of public funds and allocation of such funds to infrastructure improvements throughout the county; and
 WHEREAS, District 2 of Madison County is primarily located within the City of Madison; and
 WHEREAS, the citizens of the City of Madison residing in District 2 have a right to expect active and vigorous representation regarding the use of County funds and the fair allocation of public benefit resulting from such expenditures; and
 WHEREAS, the actions and lack of action by District 2 Supervisor Tim Johnson have caused public concern regarding the quality of representation the citizens of District 2 in the City have received; and
 WHEREAS, such actions include but are not limited to:
(A)Proposing the largest tax increase in the history of Madison County, without the required legal notice;
(B)Resisting a full performance audit of questionable engineering fees, including subcontracts and allegedly inflated fees for administration of such subcontracts;
(C)Supporting payment of engineering fees for study, design and redesign of projects which are not practically or financially feasible;
(D)Public misrepresentation to citizens and municipal officials regarding the use of proceeds from a fifty million dollar bond issue in an effort to generate support for such issue, then supporting the use of such proceeds in a manner contrary to his earlier assurances;

 NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED BY THE MAYOR AND BOARD OF THE CITY OF MADISON, MISSISSIPPI that the City of Madison, Mississippi, does hereby call upon Madison County District 2 Supervisor Tim Johnson to resign from his post in order to allow the citizens of District 2, and specifically those citizens residing in the City of Madison, to elect a supervisor who will vigorously support the interests of District 2.”

Johnson represents District 2, which encompasses the bulk of the City of Madison and part of the City of Ridgeland . A Republican and self-styled “common-sense fiscal conservative,” Johnson’s elected public service began in 1993 when he won a seat on the City of Madison Board of Aldermen, representing the citizens of Ward 3. In 1996, Johnson was elected to the State Senate from District 19.

Following the federally-mandated redistricting of the Legislature in conjunction with the 2000 Census, Johnson was elected District 2 supervisor in 2003.

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