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Educators should follow lead on pay

What a great idea.

While the Mississippi Legislature won’t shrink anytime soon, lawmakers may actually temporarily cut their own pay.

Senators killed a bill last week that proposed reducing the Senate from 52 members to 47 and the House from 122 members to 110, beginning in January 2012.

A short time later, however, the Senate voted 39-2 to pass a separate bill that would cut lawmakers’ base pay by 10 percent for a single year.

The in-session salary would drop from $10,000 to $9,000 for 2011, but legislators’ mileage reimbursement and other expenses wouldn’t change. The salary would go back up in Jan. 2012.

The pay bill moves to the House for more debate.

Pay cuts for presidents?

On the other side, a similar debate recently occurred at Delta State University where it was discussed that cabinet-level officials take a 10 percent cut in pay to help offset some of the budget cuts in recent months.

Word is, though, discussion is all that happened.

The Mississippi Senate got it right.

Show the public that you understand that everyone should be willing sacrifice during this these struggling economic times.

On the education front, it would be a strong signal if cabinet-level officials (like presidents, deans and such) at all schools would take a voluntary cut in pay.

Students, faculty and staff and all of the universities are having to bear the brunt of the across the board cuts. It would be nice if the little people could know that the higher education aristocracy really do get it.

For once it appears the Legislature gets it while the enlightened academics don’t.

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