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Elected officials delinquent on taxes

LEFLORE COUNTY — Twelve elected officials from Leflore County owe a combined $28,000 in delinquent property taxes.

Tax records showed the bills range from less than $200 to more than $7,000 for 2009. Property taxes were due last week.

Greenwood City Councilman Johnny Jennings had the largest amount of back taxes from 2009 among elected officials. He and his wife owe $7,737.

Jennings said he plans to sell stock and pay the bill Wednesday.

Others owing taxes include State Rep. Willie Perkins, who had no comment, and Circuit Clerk Trey Evans. Evans told The Greenwood Commonwealth he’s in good shape if delinquent taxes is the worst thing people have to criticize him for.

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  1. The law firm of Rep Ed Blackmon also needs to pay these taxes and these taxes.

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