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Forrest General opens new clinic

HATTIESBURG — Forrest General Hospital has opened an outpatient heart failure clinic, located at Forrest General’s LiveWell Center. Forrest General’s Heart Failure Clinic, which opened Feb. 18, is designed for patients who have been diagnosed with heart failure, but may or may not have a physician that they visit regularly.

Forrest General’s Heart Failure Clinic features the services of Brad Massey, NP, a nurse practitioner who is supported by a cardiologist, who provides care based on clinical procedures outlined by the American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association for the management of heart failure. The nurse practitioner assists patients with managing medications, providing patient and family support and offering patient and family teaching on topics including disease progression, symptom management, supportive care and treatment to address end-of-life issues.

“The management of congestive heart failure is a team approach between the patient, their family, and the healthcare professionals,” said Brad Massey. “A proper diet, medication plan and exercise plan is essential for success. Frequent visits with the healthcare team can improve the patient’s quality of life and reduce hospitalizations.”

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