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MDA awards funding to communities

ACROSS MISSISSIPPI — The Mississippi Development Authority’s (MDA’s) Community Service Division recently awarded CDBG Community Self-Help, CDBG Economic Development (CDBG ED) and Capital Improvement Revolving (CAP) Loan Program funding for eight improvement projects located throughout the state.

CDBG Community Self-Help funds are designed to address local community needs such as water, wastewater, downtown improvements and recreation. CDBG ED funds help local units of government ensure basic community services, environmental quality and economic opportunities for their residents. The CAP Loan Program provides loans in order to finance capital improvements.

The awards, which total over $3 million, include:

• CAP Loan: City of Laurel ($250,477 for a new fire truck; Monroe County ($1.5 million to purchase a building for economic development; and, Town of Richton ($500,000 for water and sewer improvements)

• CDBG Community Self-Help: Town of Cruger ($100,000 to construct a community recreational park)

• CDBG ED: Washington County (Regional Jail) ($650,000 for infrastructure improvements)

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