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Nuclear loan guarantees important to U.S. future


With the recent loan guarantees to spur the construction of new nuclear plants in the U.S., the nation has taken a strong step forward a secure our energy future (”Southern Co. to get federal loan for reactors,” Feb. 16).

New nuclear plants can and should be a growing and important part of our nation’s energy supply. And the development of new plants will bring job growth and economic benefits, along with energy.

These loan guarantees will also support the expansion of new technologies and downstream businesses and vendors that will help build and maintain the next generation of nuclear power plants. One example is the potential for reprocessing spent nuclear fuel, which can be reused to generate huge amounts of reliable, affordable and clean energy for decades to come. A process originally developed by the U.S., reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel is taking place in England, France, Russia and Japan with success today.

When it comes to nuclear energy here in Mississippi, we’re fortunate to have the Grand Gulf Nuclear Station which provides a steady stream of low-cost, dependable and clean electricity. And, the potential for a new reactor at Grand Gulf is something our state would be wise to pursue to ensure that Mississippi has the necessary base load power to meet our growing needs. With these new loan guarantees in the works, we’re closer than ever.

Steven Carter
Program Coordinator
Advance Mississippi

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