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Pickering charity charged

Charity My South has been charged by the Secretary of State’s office with failing to maintain accurate records of solicitation activities and failing to use all its contributions for charitable purposes.

The Secretary of State issued a consent order in January, which was signed by charity agent Leisha Pickering. A consent order is generally a voluntary agreement worked out between two or more parties to settle a dispute.

According to the new charities legislation enacted in July 2009, the Secretary of State’s office has enforcement authority to ensure nonprofits comply with the law. Nonprofits corporations that dissolve are now required to turn over assets to another charity or to the state.

My South, which did not renew its registration in March 2008, existed for the purpose of raising funds to underwrite the event My South: A Celebration of Southern Art, Music, Literature and Food and make contributions to other charities.

The order states that Rebecca Pierce purchased items from Best Buy with My South contributions but has already repaid the Securities and Charities Division of the Secretary of State’s office for the items.

The order also states that My South agreed to donate its pillars, wheel barrows, serving equipment, decorations, furniture and other items currently held in storage units to a charity.

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  1. i think these issue shoul be solved soon so that the process of charity procced in a flow without some break

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