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SmartSynch lands Georgia city

JACKSON — SmartSynch Inc. will provide the City of Griffin, Ga., with a complete smart metering system for its entire electric service territory. This month, Griffin Power will begin deploying IP-enabled residential and commercial SmartSynch SmartMeters utilizing existing public wireless networks.

The City of Griffin is the first municipal utility to deploy a territory-wide, comprehensive smart metering system utilizing public wireless networks as the communications backbone.

SmartSynch’s smart metering system will enable the City of Griffin to automate processes for all electric meters. Functionality includes remote disconnect/reconnect; providing customers with optional rate designs, such as time of use, demand management rates and pre-paid service; and providing or interfacing with an automated outage management system to help reduce outage periods.

Griffin Power customers will gain the ability to monitor and regulate electricity usage via the Internet and home devices. SmartSynch’s technology will also help Griffin Power better address customer service requests and power outages in a safe and timely manner, while reducing meter reading, work order costs and overall carbon footprint resulting from decreased truck rolls.

“SmartSynch’s end-to-end IP communicating solutions allow us to easily and efficiently implement secure smart grid technology that will benefit the city and our customers,” said William “Bill” Bosch, director of Griffin Power. “By using public wireless networks already in place, SmartSynch’s solutions will enable us to provide greater energy efficiency to our residential and commercial customers while helping keep rates low.”

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