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TVA chooses SmartSynch for Generation Partners

JACKSON — SmartSynch Inc. has been selected by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) as the smart metering solution provider for Generation Partners, a distributed renewable generation program offered by participating local power companies that distribute TVA power.

Generation Partners incentivizes end-use customers, both residential and commercial, to purchase and install eligible renewable energy generation systems such as solar photovoltaic (PV), wind, biomass and small hydro-electric systems. TVA purchases 100 percent of the green energy output from the renewable generation system by paying the retail rate, plus any fuel cost adjustment (FCA), plus a premium of 12 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for solar and three cents per kWh for all other eligible technologies.

SmartSynch’s turn-key Managed Services solution will handle the reading, uploading, storage and delivery of generation data for TVA and the local power companies. SmartSynch’s use of public wireless networks as the communications backbone for the solution will streamline the deployment process for local power distributors.

“TVA’s Generation Partners program is a win-win for its local power companies and end-use customers alike, and we are pleased that our smart metering solution will play a supporting role,” said Stephen Johnston, SmartSynch’s CEO. “This is yet another testament to the value, reliability and flexibility of smart grid solutions utilizing public wireless networks. It would otherwise be impossible to strategically deploy this depth of remote communication and control functionality on a location-by-location basis.”

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