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Verizon beefing up for Super Bowl

MIAMI, Fla. — Verizon Wireless has completed installation of a permanent in-building “super system” at Sun Life Stadium, along with other network upgrades to ensure 3G wireless services throughout South Florida during the Super Bowl and throughout the year.

The new system features two ground-level base stations and numerous antenna arrays around the stadium, including those installed on the 400-foot-high light towers. The permanent system will handle twice the capacity of the most powerful mobile cell sites typically deployed at large, special events, according to Verizon.

In addition to upgrades to the Miami network, Verizon Wireless has taken extra steps to prepare the New Orleans network for high-traffic events, including the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras. During the last several weeks and before the Jan. 24 NFC play off game at the Louisiana Superdome, Verizon Wireless’ network team boosted the capacity of the New Orleans network to 150 percent in and around downtown New Orleans and the French Quarter to handle additional crowds expected for Sunday’s game.

Verizon Wireless also has installed in-building systems to boost service in a variety of hotels and other destinations hosting events related to the game. The company also has activated and upgraded numerous cell sites around South Florida in past months to reliably handle increased network demand.

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