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Cellular South builds out in Alabama

RIDGELAND — Cellular South has expanded its third-generation (3G) high-speed wireless mobile broadband services to consumer and business customers in Mobile and Baldwin Counties in Alabama – totaling nearly 120 new cell sites just in those areas.

“We recognize the importance of a strong network and high levels of redundancy to provide increased wireless security, especially during hurricane season and other natural disasters”

In a news conference at the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce with key community leaders, business executives and local government officials, Cellular South representatives said the company’s 3G expansion in Alabama is part of a multi-million investment that will make mobile broadband services accessible to nearly 90 percent of all Mobile and Baldwin County residents.

Since 2006, Cellular South has made more than $350 million in capital investments across Mississippi and Alabama as part of its broader $530 million overall network investment. The company’s commitment to providing its customers with advanced and reliable 3G coverage has included the activation of more than 500 new cell sites and nearly 450 completely new sites with 3G capacity. This year Cellular South has continued with its promise and launched more than 158 new 3G sites – enhancing its network and improving its overall wireless coverage.

In addition to expanding its high-speed data network, Cellular South has installed a new $2.1-million network switching facility in Mobile, providing a higher level of network capacity in the South Alabama and Gulf Coast regions. The close proximity of the facility will decrease the distance that wireless signals need to travel, and the increased capacity will allow the system to handle network activity more efficiently, allowing Cellular South to deliver calls, text messages and data more quickly.

The Mobile facility was built to withstand harsh weather conditions, including heavy winds of up to 200 miles per hour. The building has two roofs for additional protection against tornado activity, as well as triple power back-up – including both built-in battery back-up and a heavy-duty generator providing reserve power – to ensure that the network stays up and running during inclement weather and emergencies. Additionally, the new facility will be monitored around the clock from the Cellular South Network Operations Control Center, ensuring reliable service and immediate troubleshooting capabilities.

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