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Chevron to shed 2,000 workers

PASCAGOULA — Chevron Corp. says its refinery in Mississippi is safe and could possibly expand.

Chevron said yesterday it will cut 2,000 jobs this year. It also will seek to sell some overseas entities.

The Pascagoula refinery is Chevron’s largest in the United States with about 1,500 workers and refines 330,000 barrels of crude oil a day into 5.5 million gallons of gasoline and other fuels.

Company spokesman Lloyd Avram tells The Sun Herald that the Pascagoula refinery will continue operations.

Avram says the base-oil project at the refinery is still in Chevron’s plans.

Avram said the company has no start date for the expansion but the project, when completed, will produce 25,000 barrels a day of base oil that is used to produce premium motor oils.

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