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DPS cleared to furlough workers

JACKSON — The state Personnel Board has approved furloughs up to six days for employees of the Department of Public Safety.

Lynn Fitch, the board’s executive director, tells The Clarion-Ledger that the Mississippi State Tax Commission and Department of Agriculture and Commerce were each approved for personnel furloughs of four to 12 days.

The Department of Human Services was originally cleared for furlough in February but went back to the Personnel Board March 18 and received approval for as many as eight furlough days.

The approval doesn’t mean furloughs will be ordered by those agencies.

So far, only DHS has announced a one-day furlough on April 2 at all its facilities except Oakley Training School. It affects 3,000 workers.

The furlough approvals came the day after Gov. Haley Barbour cut another $41 million from the state budget.

Fitch says her office expects more requests.

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