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Hood needs more time before filing healthcare lawsuit

JACKSON — Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood says he needs more time to evaluate a new federal healthcare law before deciding whether to challenge it in court.

Gov. Haley Barbour had given Hood until noon today to say whether the Attorney General’s Office would file a lawsuit. Barbour, a Republican, said he would file one himself if Democrat Hood chooses not to act.

Barbour says the law might be unconstitutional because it requires people to buy health insurance.

Hood says attorneys in his office are evaluating the law and will consult constitutional scholars. He says the governor is not authorized to file suit while the Attorney General’s Office completes its review.

Barbour’s office had no immediate response.

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  1. Looks like Hood needs to be a man and file…..Quit being so concerned about whether he will be able to get the democratic nod for his future politcal ambitions…..he needs to be concerned of MY and other fellow taxpaying citizens constitutional rights being trampled on.

  2. Gov Barbour, should not file a lawsuit against the Federal Government because he thinks something in the Healthcare bill MIGHT be unconstitutional. I think this issue is not based any unconstitutional belief on his part but a small minded petty attempt by the Republican party after the loss they expereniced in the history making passing of a Healthcare Reform. I think Mr. Hood is exercing good judgement by investigating the situation and not just jumping on the Republican ‘bandwagon’.

  3. I think the article stated that Barbour would consult with constitutional scholars……..it never ceases to amaze me that liberal socialist democrats do not read everything……….

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