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Kight strikes deal with Suntrica

MADISON — Suntrica has signed Madison-based Kight Energy as its newest distributor in the US. Terms were not disclosed.

Suntrica Solar Chargers for mobile phones including iPhones and electronic devices such as mp3 players, digital cameras, GPS receivers and iPods can now be bought at kightenergy.3dcartstores.com.

“Suntrica’s solar chargers are the best on the market today and we know they will be popular with our customers across the US,” said Robie Kight, president of Kight Energy.

Kight Energy is also reselling the chargers through a variety of retail outlets across the US.

Jouko Häyrynen, CEO of Suntrica Ltd., said, “In few years time, solar-powered chargers will be issued as standard. Our chargers are unlike anything else available on the market today as they are a portable, instant source of energy on the move. We welcome Kight Energy LLC to join our growing number of distribution partners to provide new, eco-friendly way to charge portable devices and to decrease ones personal carbon footprint.”

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