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MDOT adds Facebook safety page

JACKSON — With over 400 million users on Facebook, and one of the largest social networks, the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) announces their launch of a Traffic Safety Page on Facebook.

The new page, titled “MSDOT Traffic Safety”, allows the agency to reach an expanded audience on the popular social networking site.  It is dedicated to traffic safety and awareness. Individuals who use the social network site will be able to review safety related information provided in an attempt to reduce the number of fatalities resulting from traffic crashes.

The Traffic Safety Group and MDOT will focus on messages that will provide information and statistics that will help to reinforce a safe driving message, especially in areas that were identified through the Mississippi Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP).  The Mississippi SHSP is located on the goMDOT.com website. Mississippi SHSP focuses on five key areas, which include crashes involving Impaired, Non-Belted, Young, or Aggressive Drivers, and Lane Departure Crashes.

“I am pleased that we decided to make every available use of technology to make MDOT more responsive to the public,” said Larry L. “Butch” Brown, MDOT Executive Director. “The Facebook page will be another resource tool that we can use to share more information with the public and review instant feedback.”

MDOT already has a presence on Twitter, another social network, where we utilize the network to distribute tweets for hurricane evacuation routes during hurricane season.

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