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Sixteenth Section lease info now online

JACKSON — The Secretary of State’s Office has unveiled a new feature to the agency’s website designed to allow citizens to obtain information easily regarding 16th Section hunting and fishing leases.

“This is truly an amazing new product,” said Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann. “Mississippians interested in leasing hunting and fishing land from the state can get a comprehensive view of the land they are looking to lease through this program. In many areas, the maps are so detailed, cars are actually visible on the roads.”

On the new hunting and fishing feature of the website, deer indicate leases which expire in 2010 and targets indicate leases in which the bidding process is currently open. Also listed is the current amount of the lease, acreage, school district contact information as well as the forest management plan for the particular parcel.

“This new program is designed to increase the use of our hunting and fishing leases by the public throughout the State. Hopefully, revenue will increase as well, meaning more money pumped back into our schools, and the less taxpayers will have to supplement our school systems. This is a win-win for everyone,” said Hosemann.

Based on current projections, school districts generate roughly $2.8 million in hunting and fishing leases this year.

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    What has happened to journalism today?

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