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The gun owners I know do not cause me fear


Your response to Sen. Merle Flowers proposed bill has little to do with being anti-business and nothing whatsoever to affecting or not affecting a recession.  The anti-gun rhetoric from the left is the same worn excuse it has always been.  Somehow an in-animate object is magically going to be a threat to society and peace-loving individuals.  Nothing could be further from truth.  You noted that only permit-holders who have undergone extensive background checks would be allowed to carry guns more places than they are already carrying them.  Newsflash:  These are not the people you should be concerned about.  Look at the statistics on permit-holders committing crimes vs. those without permits committing the same.  Those entering a place of business with criminal intent could care less about rules allowing guns or not.  That’s what classifies them as criminals – lawbreakers.  They don’t abide by rules.  Common sense will confirm that no increased risk is caused by a law-abiding citizen carrying a weapon.  They may ultimately be your only protection in a crisis.

With the wild actions in Congress these days attempting to go against the will of the majority, I am much more fearful of losing freedoms in our country as we know it.  The gun owners I know do not cause me fear.

Rick White


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