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USSR hires help to execute sale

WARREN COUNTY — U.S. Rubber Reclaiming Inc. (USSR) has retained Equity Partners Inc. to seek a buyer for its rubber mulch/rubber reclaiming business. Terms were not disclosed.

USSR has been reclaiming various scrap rubbers for over 100 years. The business involves butyl rubber reclaiming, as well as manufacturing high quality rubber mulch for playground surfacing, landscaping and a multitude of other uses.

Located just south of Vicksburg on U.S. 61, USSR owns over 12 acres of land and has nearly 87,000 square feet under roof in two contiguous plants. Extensive factory rehabilitation in the 1990s increased production capacity to over 2.2 million pounds for butyl rubber reclamation per month.

Current management would like to continue operations with a new owner or partner in place, focusing on the natural rubber mulch business. Don LaGrone, president of USRR, said, “The company has almost 30 million pounds of natural rubber tubes on site, ready to be processed. We continue to feel there is a very good business opportunity in converting this material into a high quality, 100 percent wire-free mulch product.”

Equity Partners, headquartered in Easton, Md., provides investment banking services for companies and properties with unique difficulties such as financial distress, special financing needs or partnership disputes, and has completed in excess of 350 engagements throughout the United States since 1988.

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