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DG Foods expanding, adding jobs

GALLMAN — A Copiah County chicken processing facility is expanding its operation and adding 200 jobs.

DG Foods is investing about $2.78 million to prepare the plant for an increase in production after the company was awarded a contract with BAR-S, a food processor and distributor.

The facility is adding two new labor intensive processes. The first will allow DG Foods to debone the dark meat of a chicken from the thighs and legs. The other will give the plant the capacity to turn meat into chicken tenders.

The company will also be expanding its existing business operations.

DG Foods currently employs 350 workers.

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  1. gallman resident

    Yes, they are adding new jobs. Unfortunately for everyone that manages to live within a mile or so of the place or on the road it is on. It has a god awful rotting-type stench that does not allow you to do anything outdoors and nuisance employees that speed down the road back and forth with their music cranked loud every shift change. Also, it is a never ending process of trying to pick up litter as the employees are not the cleanest of people and love throwing their hair nets/covers out all over the side of the road, along with their chicken boxes. (how ironic — people that work at a chicken processing plant love chicken.)

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