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MEMA completes build-out of ALERT FM

PEARL — Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) director Mike Womack announced that MEMA has completed the expansion of its statewide ALERT FM implementation.

ALERT FM is an FM radio-based emergency notification system, which allows MEMA to send targeted information to county emergency managers, disabled persons, schools, businesses and citizens. A grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency was used to fund this project.

“The system provides targeted notification capabilities beyond our existing alert and warning systems, and it is implemented in neighboring states in the event of a mass evacuation,” said Womack.

Following a successful 2005 pilot project MEMA was able to secure a $1-million Hazard Mitigation Grant to expand the ALERT FM system to include additional radio stations for full coverage statewide. Today, over 80 FM radio stations around Mississippi are a part of GSSNet for statewide emergency notification.

Mississippi’s statewide system is fully compatible with ALERT FM systems implemented in counties around Mississippi, contiguous states and across the United States. Any ALERT FM receiver is fully functional in these areas provided it is programmed for that area.

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