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Mississippi Solar installs another system

PHILADELPHIA — Mississippi Solar recently completed its eighth grid-tied solar system in Mississippi. The 1.7-kilowatt array is located in Webster County.

It is the first solar system to be successfully connected by the Natchez Trace Electric Power Association under the Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA’s) Generation Partners program, according to Mississippi Solar.

All energy produced by the solar array is purchased by TVA at $0.12 above the rate, and Natchez Trace EPA sells the power to John Wilbanks, owner of the system.

Mississippi Solar, has designed and installed other solar systems interconnected to the grid in Leake, Lafayette, Lowndes and Rankin counties. Additionally, the company is partnering with R & R Construction of Flowood for the design and construction of solar-ready homes. The first solar-ready home is located at 528 Glensview Drive, Brandon.

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