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Seafood processor brings oil-spill lawsuit

PASS CHRISTIAN — The owner of a Mississippi seafood company filed a federal class-action lawsuit today over the rig explosion that caused a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The suit by Jerry Forte, owner of Jerry Forte Seafood in Pass Christian, claims the spill could damage the commercial seafood industry.

Forte’s attorneys filed the suit in U.S. District Court in Gulfport.

The suit seeks at least $5 million in compensatory damages, plus an unspecified amount of punitive damages against Transocean, BP, Halliburton Energy Services Inc. and Cameron International Corp.

Shrimpers have filed similar lawsuits in federal courts in Louisiana and Alabama.

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  1. I am a sea food lover and hate to think of the damage this oil spill may cause to not only sea food its self, but to the people who rely on this business for a living, and also to birds,whales and other sea wild life that may die. We need harsh penalties on companies that don’t take better precautions to prevent such accident that not only hurt and kill people,but harm others likely hood. We need stricter controls to protect not only for miners, that are still having accidents everyday, but to the oil companies that only think of the money.If, we have to pay high money for oil, then make the companies protect people and wild life.It would be cheaper for oil companies to protect against accidents than to have law suits that is also going to hurt the economy.

  2. If your a real victim of this event I would suggest you file your lawsuit some state other thanMississippi. Mississippi’s court are known to engage in corporate corruption at the cost of suffering of the plaintiffs. My family were lead plaintiffs used to gain hundreds of millions in offers and settlements in 1998 and 1999. As the only real victims of this, were continue to be denied relief as the court divides our awards with a fraudulent class which failed at trial. We have posted documents from that action @.


  3. It is well known that Pass Christian seafood dealers have been avoiding paying federal taxes for years on seafood purchased from fishermen. I bet that if the IRS was to look closely they might find something fishy at the Pass harbor.

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