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SmartSynch establishes GridRouter EcoSystem

JACKSON — SmartSynch Inc. has unveiled the GridRouter EcoSystem, supported by a group of industry leaders and designed to establish an interoperable, IP-based communications business network for the smart grid.

By joining the GridRouter EcoSystem, companies will gain access to a collaborative network of cross-vendor innovation, made possible by the SmartSynch GridRouter. The GridRouter is the industry’s first universal smart grid communications solution supporting multiple communication networks (public or private) and connectivity to any smart grid device.

0.The GridRouter EcoSystem is intended to promote the transformation of competition into collaboration and thus provide utilities with a choice of smart grid solutions that are certified for interoperability.

Companies currently supporting the GridRouter EcoSystem include AT&T Inc., Motorola Inc., Cooper Power Systems, Battelle, T-Mobile, Rogers Communications Inc., Itron Inc., Daviscomms USA Inc., Futaba Corporation (Japan) and AuthenTec (which acquired SafeNet’s Embedded Security Solutions).

“The GridRouter EcoSystem presents a unique opportunity for the entire smart grid market to join forces and drive innovation while working towards a common goal,” said Stephen Johnston, SmartSynch’s CEO. “The market is at a turning point and interoperability is crucial to bringing a nationwide smart grid to fruition, so we’re spearheading that effort by fostering the GridRouter EcoSystem and collaborating with the best in the business.”

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