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State lags in hybrid car sales

ACROSS MISSISSIPPI — Mississippians aren’t very green when it comes to car buying habits.

Cars.com’s annual ranking of the greenest U.S. cities puts the state’s six metropolitan areas near the bottom of the list of 210 for interest in hybrid vehicles as a percentage of total car shopping activity.

Listed at number 160, the Columbus-Tupelo-West Point region came in first among Mississippi’s metro areas, followed by Biloxi-Gulfport at 178, Meridian at 200, Jackson at 205, and Hattiesburg-Laurel at 206. The Greenwood-Greenville area missed coming in last by one spot. It ranked at 209, followed by Laredo, Texas.

According to Cars.com editor Patrick Olsen, the South in general lags behind most of the nation’s major cities in embracing hybrid vehicles.

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