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State taking over Delta school district

INDIANOLA — The Sunflower County School District has become the sixth taken over by the state.

State education officials tell The Clarion-Ledger that members of the local school board and superintendent Peirce McIntosh were removed April 19. McIntosh and the board members are elected.

There are 1,670 students in the district.

The state Board of Education asked Gov. Haley Barbour to declare a state of emergency and abolish the district. Barbour signed the order the same day.

The state board acted after hearing allegations ranging from sexual offenses on school grounds to misuse of federal dollars.

Bob Strebeck, former conservator of the North Panola and Tate County school districts, will oversee Sunflower County.

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  1. hallelujah!

    I think the best approach is to bring in consultants from the number one school districts in the country…as opposed to continually recycling the same unproductive and ineffective ways to doing business.

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