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Taylor supports blocking lawmaker pay raise

WASHINGTON — Rep. Gene Taylor (D-Miss.) supported legislation that blocked members of Congress from getting a pay raise.

Taylor is an original co-sponsor of HR 5156, the Stop the Congressional Pay Raise Act, which passed in the House of Representatives April 27 by a vote of 402 to 15.

This bill freezes salaries at their current level for 2011. This is the second year in a row that members have blocked the pay raise. In 2010 under the formula established in the Ethics Reform Act of 1989, members were originally scheduled to receive a pay raise of 2.1 percent. This adjustment was denied by Congress through a provision included in the FY2009 Omnibus Appropriations Act. This bill included language that blocked the pay raise from taking effect.

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  1. Anybody with any kind of decency would not take a pay raise when so many people in this country are having such a difficult time. Not to mention the fact that this country is in such deep debt that we may end up like Greece before too long. I don’t believe they deserve it anyway. Shame on them for even considering it.

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