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WCU signs first-of-its-kind agreement

HATTIESBURG — William Carey University (WCU) and Barnes & Noble College Booksellers have signed an agreement that will offer textbooks for rent to students on all three campuses in Hattiesburg, Biloxi and New Orleans. The program will be in place for the fall semester.

According to a Barnes and Noble spokesperson, WCU is the first four-year institution in the state to become a part of the Barnes and Noble rental book program.

“The program will include core curriculum textbooks at first,” said Dr. Tommy King, WCU president. “Savings for the student will be 50 percent or less on each textbook available in the program. If a textbook costs $100 to purchase, rent on the same textbook could be $50 or less.”

Other issues involving textbooks have also been addressed including dropped and canceled classes.

“Return and refund policies for rented books will be the same as purchased textbooks,” said King.

Students will sign a rental contract. Students can use their university-issued financial aid for rental books just as with purchased books. Automated messages will be sent by e-mail near the end of the rental agreement period reminding students of the deadline for returning rented textbooks.

Other options for textbook cost deferment offered through the WCU Barnes & Noble campus bookstore include digital books. Selected titles can be purchased in digital formats.

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