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Bounds jumps parties, Franks angry

JACKSON — A Mississippi House member has switched from Democrat to Republican.

The Clarion-Ledger reports that Rep. Scott Bounds announced his decision during a news conference today at Republican Party Headquarters in Jackson.

Bounds noted his “conservative philosophical and policy beliefs” as the reason for his change.

The announcement drew an angry response from Democratic Party chairman Jamie Franks. In a statement, Franks said, “The truth of the matter is that Scott has been a Democrat in name-only. He has voted with the majority of Republicans more times than most Republican members of the House have. In fact, no Democrat has voted fewer times with the Democratic majority on key issues than Scott.

“What Scott Bounds did today was not switch parties, he just finally started telling the truth about what party he supports. He’ll have to answer to voters in Neshoba County about lying to them for so long.”

With Bounds’ switch, there will be 50 Republicans in the House, and the chamber will have 72 Democrats.

Bounds is from Philadelphia and has been in the Legislature since 2004.

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