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Madison approves smoking ban

MADISON — Madison has adopted a smoke-free-air ordinance, switching from a voluntary ban on tobacco that all city businesses followed.

The change passed unanimously on Tuesday.

Mayor Mary Hawkins Butler is expected to sign the ordinance Wednesday or Thursday. The law will go into effect 30 days after she signs it.

Butler tells The Clarion-Ledger the reason for moving from voluntary to mandatory is because of the growth of the city.

Madison joins more than 30 cities in the state that have smoking restrictions. In the metro area, Brandon, Clinton, Flora and Ridgeland have banned smoking in public places.

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  1. michelle ellison

    I have to say in a few words how proud I am of the Board and the mayor for passing this ordianance. Only good can come from the protection of all citizens against second hand smoke. No matter what the comment of a 1,000 words may say-We have nothing to lose and everything to gain with this law.

    Thanks Mayor Mary and the Board of Aldermen!!

  2. “1000 words” were well written but still defies common sense. Tobacco smoke in all forms 1st hand, 2nd hand, and now even 3rd hand is dangerous to your health. I have no issue with people choosing to smoke in the comfort of their home/automobile. It’s their life and they may do to it what they please but doing so in a public place can not be condoned.

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