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MEMA reports more storm damage

NORTH MISSISSIPPI — Although the death toll remains at six, new reports show that the number of destroyed and damaged homes continue to rise due to the May 1 storm systems that caused major flooding and produced two tornadoes in North Mississippi.

Nearly 250 residences were destroyed or have major damage and 482 homes received minor damage. The following counties are reporting damages to the State Emergency Operations Center in Pearl:

• Alcorn: One death; 10 homes and seven mobiles homes destroyed; 107 homes and 40 apartments with major damage; 13 homes with minor; 100 roads with major damage; 11 bridges with minor damage; one publicly owned building with major damage; three nonprofit utilities with major damage; assistance needed with shelter support.

• Benton: Two deaths; four injuries; 11 homes and 13 mobile homes destroyed; seven homes and three mobile homes with major damage; 56 homes and 23 mobile homes with minor damage; 10 injuries; 20 roads with major damage; 40 roads with minor damage; one bridge with major damage; 75 people displaced

• Lafayette: One death; two homes/ mobile homes destroyed; two homes with major damage and 40 homes with minor damage; shelters are closed, but monitoring needs of victims; clean-up efforts continue

• Lee: One death; one home with minor damage; trees downs; one bridge with major damage

• Marshall: Twenty-one homes/ mobile homes with minor damage; 8 roads with major damage; 17 roads with minor damage

• Montgomery: Two homes and six roads with minor damage

• Prentiss: Ten roads and two bridges with major damage; 100 roads minor damage; City of Booneville issues proclamation

• Tippah: Six homes/mobile homes destroyed; 29 homes/mobile homes with major damage; 58 homes/mobile homes with minor damage; nine roads destroyed; eight roads with major damaged; two roads with minor damage; two bridges destroyed; one public building with major damage; one non-profit building with major damage; City of Ripley issues proclamation

• Tishomingo: Nine homes with major damage; one mobile home with major damage; one business with minor damage which is a church that has two buildings; nine roads destroyed; six roads with major damage; 16 roads with minor damage; five bridges/culvert destroyed; three bridges/culverts with major damage

• Union: One death; 14 homes and 6 mobile homes with minor damage; 15 businesses with minor damage; 28 roads with major damage; one bridge with major damage; one public owned building with minor damage

• Webster: One injury reported; one home with minor damage; two roads destroyed; three roads with major damage; 70 roads with minor damage

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