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Pittman opens new home decor store

RIDGELAND — The new Gail Pittman Designs and Home Decor store is now open in Old Towne Center in Ridgeland at 115 West Jackson Street.

“It is very exciting to be in this location with such great retailers and businesses such as Coattails, Amy Head and Ely’s Restaurant, just to name a few,” said Pittman. “I can’t wait to show off the store and all the new and exciting things we have been working on.”

Pittman has been focusing on designing for the past several months and offers not only several new designs, but also updated versions of some of existing patterns and new pieces never before offered.

“There will be new designs to come, as well as new materials and collections as we move forward,” Pittman said. “This is very exciting for me and a dream come true. To move my designs into home decor means I won’t just have the opportunity to make people smile at the table; maybe I can make them smile all over the house.”

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  1. Love Ely’s Restaurant! This one is definitely one to brings value to the OTC

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