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School system cuts employees' workdays

CLINTON — For the next two school years, all employees in the Clinton Public School District will see a reduction in workdays.

The district announced that teacher workdays were being reduced from 188 to 187, and that all employees would be furloughed for three days.

“State law mandates that teachers work at least 187 days,” said Dr. Phil Burchfield, superintendent of schools. “In Clinton we have traditionally added one extra teacher day, but continued budget cuts no longer allow this luxury.”

During its latest session, the Mississippi Legislature also granted an exception to the 187-day rule, allowing districts the flexibility to furlough employees up to three days for two school years.

The teacher workday reduction and furloughs for all employees are cost-saving measures that will hopefully stave off further layoffs, Burchfield said. The district in March announced that 43 positions would be eliminated in the 2010-11 school year.

Sandy Halliwell, finance director, said each furlough day equates to roughly $100,000. Three furlough days a year for two consecutive years will save the district nearly $600,000.

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