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State unemployment drops

Mississippi’s unemploy- ment rate for April was 10.7 percent, according to figures released today by the Mississippi Department of Employment Security.

That represents a drop from March, when the state’s unemployment rate sat at 11.2 percent.

In April, Rankin County had Mississippi’s lowest rate of unemployment, with 6.9 percent. Noxubee County had the highest, at 20.4 percent. Noxubee joined Holmes County, parts of which were destroyed by the April tornado, as the only two counties in the state whose unemployment rates either reached or exceeded 20 percent.

In April 2009, Mississippi’s unemployment rate stood at 8.5 percent.

For April 2010, the national unemployment rate was 9.5 percent.

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  1. The reasons these seem lower to you is because the way they formulate these rates. The rate you quot is the number of people drawing unemployment funds and are registered with unemployment offices and are still looking for work.
    Everyone else are not counted in this rate:.. the ones not registered with UE office, the ones who have given up on finding a job AND the ones who are working short hours but need to be working full time to support their families(called “under employed” by the Government).
    That rate is more than twice the rate you quot and should be reported…instead of trying to hood wink everyone into thinking the world is a better place than they already know it is.
    You should tell the truth and stop deceiving to everyone.

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