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Ablitech to begin testing cancer treatment

HATTIESBURG — Ablitech’s CEO Ken Malone announced that the company is closer to advancing technology that has the ability to stop bladder cancer through its product Versadel.

Malone said, “The proof is in the lab; a place where we are seeing very promising ways of ending certain cancers and degenerative diseases as we know them today.”

“Our technology effectively carries the DNA to the cells and releases it, enabling the cells to function like they were always meant to,” chief science officer of Ablitech Dr. Lisa Kemp said.

Ablitech, which received a second round of funding under the Mississippi Seed Fund earlier this month, said it would next begin agenda–testing Versadel in animal models.

Kemp said, “At this point we are limited to what we can do in the lab working with cells to prove that our science works. It is imperative to move our product to the living system to see our theories in action.”

Ablitech is collaborating with professors and Tulane Cancer Center who have an established animal model. Until the models begin, they continue to focus their efforts on purification and optimization in preparation of the study.

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