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Barbour calls on BP, White House for more oil fighting

GULF OF MEXICO — Gov. Haley Barbour says he’s asked BP and the White House to put more boats off the Mississippi coast to intercept oil after a two-mile long slick of crude washed up yesterday on a barrier island.

Barbour says he doesn’t want to be surprised again.

He said today the White House and BP promised to provide more vessels near the state’s barrier islands to protect them from encroaching oil.

The slick in the Gulf of Mexico has been growing since BP’s oil rig exploded off the Louisiana coast on April 20. The well continues to gush.

Barbour says most of the oil that washed up on Petit Bois Island was gone today, leaving little damage, but he expects more to threaten other barrier islands soon. He said it was a “wake-up call” that defenses must be increased.

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  1. Is this the same guy that said last week, that the oil was only a THIN COAT on top and that it would not effect the MS. GULF COAST.!!!

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