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Big Star Media to launch IPTV channel

CLARKSDALE — Big Star Media Group Inc. plans to develop a television channel intended for broadcast distribution over the Internet.

The channel, “Clarksdale TV,” will originate from the company’s production facilities in Clarksdale, and will feature proprietary blues-related music news and entertainment programming.

Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) refers to the delivery of scheduled and video-on-demand TV programs and movies over the Internet, and is delivered via a web page, web-links, or an embeddable player. When a subscriber wants to view a TV channel, that channel is routed to the user like most other resources on the Internet, but optimized for delivery on their computer or other web-enabled device.

Clarksdale TV will initially be available as a link from the company’s current website, and will initially be free of charge. The company’s revenue model for the channel is based on an advertising and sponsorship model with additional subscription fees, which apply for varying levels of enhanced content delivery.

Big Star has already captured over 100 hours of quality material, which will be developed into several entertaining programming treatments that capture the unique character, lifestyle, unique perspective that can only be found in the Mississippi Delta.

Big Star’s management expects the proprietary content and website redesign to occur simultaneously with the plan to begin broadcasting in the near term.

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