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BP approves damage checks for Coast businesses

MISSISSIPPI GULF COAST — BP says it has approved giving some money to businesses along the Gulf Coast that have been hurt by the oil spill.

BP said yesterday it approved 337 checks for a total amount of $16 million to businesses that have filed damage claims in excess of $5,000.

BP has come under criticism by business owners and residents along the Gulf for not efficiently processing relief claims.

Earlier yesterday, presidential spokesman Robert Gibbs said the Obama administration is ready to take over the handling of oil spill damage claims from BP if the company doesn’t set up an “independent entity” to do it.

To date, BP said it has opened 25 claims offices and issued about 25,000 checks totaling $63 million.

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  1. I understand all the anger and devistation this oil spill has brought. But if the government “seizes” BP, it will then be the taxpayers who have to pay. Leave it to BP, who know as much as anybody about these deep water drillings, to fix this. I’m afraid if the government seizes yet another Industry, it will be a pure political nightmare. I don’t think the politicians know anything abot fixing this problem. We have to someday wake up and realize that government isn’t the solution to ALL our problems! Now this is going to be a reason to put “Cap and Trade” into law. That will sink this country like a rock! Can ANYBODY aford for their Utilities to “SKYROCKET?” This is the word used by President Obama himself, SKYROCKET! Is this what the country needs right now, when we are still mired in a deep recession???

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