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BP gets $69M clean-up bill from White House

WASHINGTON — The White House says the federal government is sending BP a $69-million bill for costs so far in its response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs says the bill is the first to be sent to the oil company, which leased the oil rig that exploded April 20 and later sank, sending millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf. Gibbs says he isn’t sure how long the company has to pay the bill.

The White House has said BP will ultimately be responsible for all costs associated with the spill.

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  1. They should have imploded the well from the beginning. This would have been the logical thing to do, rather than trying to cap a well that is spewing oil at this volume. I worked in the oil field. It is not the easiest thing to stop a kick at the surface if it is a hard kick. But to stab at a well at this depth, under this type of conditions is nothing more than stall tactics while they are trying to drill relief wells.

    This one will be costly to everybody. The sad thing is that some good men lost their lives because somebody was more interested in the bottom line, rather than the safety of their men.

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