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Jackson facing another water crisis

For the second time this year, Jackson is experiencing a water crisis. The city is under a boiled water notice, and businesses are closing. Officials have not said how long repairs could take.

City officials reported a 54-inch water main break early this morning. Some areas of Jackson have little water pressure while others have none at all. No word has been given on a reason for the break.

Numerous closures have already been announced, including the McCoy Federal Building and Metrocenter Mall. Several area hospitals were reporting no water pressure this morning, according to the Associated Press.

Some buildings, such as the Regions building downtown, have had to shut down air conditioning systems dependent on water cooling systems.

Sustained sub-freezing temperatures in January caused more than 140 water line breaks in the city, paralyzing schools and businesses for about a week.

The city experienced a number of water line breaks in January 1989 due to severe cold weather which froze pipes.

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  1. isjacksondoomed

    What happened to all the Obama stimulus money he handed out in the billions of dollars to improve infrastructures in our major city’s and to put people back to work??. Seems like the city of Jackson missed out. That or our “Leaders” are so inept that they are not capable of running a lemonade stand let alone a city.

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