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Hancock fund receives highest overall rating

GULFPORT — In recognition of Hancock Horizon Funds’ 10th anniversary, Hancock Holding Company is celebrating the long-term strength and stability of the company’s unique family of funds with special recognition going once again to the Hancock Horizon Value Fund.

Having grown to $900 million in assets to date from $245 million at its inception, the Hancock Horizon Funds is one of the largest mutual fund families in Mississippi and the Gulf South region.

“We are especially proud of how our fund complex has performed and it is exciting for the Value Fund to receive Morningstar’s highest overall rating as we commemorate this milestone,” said, Hancock Horizon Fund senior vice president, director of equities and research David Lundgren. “In the last decade, the Value Fund has performed well returning 5.6 percent annually compared to the S&P 500, which had a slightly negative return for the same period. Overall, the Hancock Horizon Funds’ growth serves as a reminder of Hancock Bank’s resilience and the pivotal role our company plays in helping the people of our communities achieve their financial goals.”

Morningstar’s five-star rating is given to the top 10 percent of funds with similar investment styles. The Morningstar Rating is based on mathematical evaluation of past performance — both return and risk.

The Hancock Horizon Funds encompass seven funds that are individually style specific and designed to complement other funds in the Hancock Horizon family. The Value Fund was original to the Fund complex when it was introduced by Hancock Bank in 2000.

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