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Tennessee looking to draw visitors with moonshine

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — Tennessee tourism officials see gold in them there hills where moonshiners once hauled illegal whiskey in fast cars.

A new self-guided tour includes a network of roadways that span hundreds of miles across nine counties in northeast Tennessee and has been given the name “White Lightning Trail.”

Tourism officials launching the promotion today in Knoxville, Tenn., are quick — to the point of being defensive — in saying the trail name is “not about promoting moonshine” and includes historic homes, antique stores and other attractions.

The trail’s notorious name is also promoting a regional heritage that includes country music star birthplaces, arts and crafts stores, restaurants and natural attractions, some that overlook the Cumberland Gap.

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  1. Shouldn’t be apologetic at all. History is history. The whiskey running through the mountains of Tennessee is a great story.
    I’d like to take the tour. Those Smokies are an incredible sight.

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