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Writer: David Waide has short-term memory loss


I read with interest the article on David Waide, the current president of the Mississippi Farm Bureau, and the bill for eminent domain in the June 14 issue.  In there, Mr. Waide states, “I don’t remember an issue that’s ever been like this.  I think this has galvanized everybody.”  Mr. Waide must certainly remember his successful attempt at blocking SB 2623 in the Mississippi House, the bill that would have made it a first offense felony to intentionally and malicously abuse domestic dogs or cats, the way it is a felony in 46 other states. 

Certainly Mr. Waide must remember the protest in front of the Farm Bureau building, the constant radio and television coverage blasting Waide, frequent letters not only in the Clarion Ledger but statewide blasting Waide for his position, the cartoons in the Clarion Ledger, the blog cites that crucified Mr. Waide for his position on an issue that would keep women, children and vulnerable adults safe from criminals. This issue had, and continues to have, broad public support.

Forty-six others states have recognized the link between animal cruelty and violent crime against vulnerable people in society, yet Waide refuses to recognize these facts also.

Apparently the Mississippi Senate recognizes Mr. Waide’s leadership for what it is by supporting Gov. Barbour’s veto of the eminent domain bill that would hurt economic development in Mississippi for decades by changing their vote.

The Senate did pass SB 2623 almost unanimously.   There are rumors out there that Mr. Waide would like to run for governor.  Should that be the case, Mississippi might be in for the campaign of its life with a candidate that apparently has some memory-loss issues.

Kim Wolford


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