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Expedia offering support to oil-impacted markets

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Expedia Media, the advertising sales division of the online travel company Expedia Inc., is providing marketing support to destinations impacted by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

During July, August and September, Expedia Media will offer a three-to-one media matching program for destination marketing organizations (DMOs) and tourism boards located in the Gulf states of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi. Organizations in these areas will receive three dollars in marketing value for every one dollar spent with Expedia Media.

In addition to the media matching program, Expedia Media will donate one full-day “homepage takeover” campaign on Expedia.com and hotels.com for each Gulf states. A separate campaign will run for each state and will utilize Expedia’s Homepage Wallpaper advertising product.

Expedia Media plans to support each homepage takeover campaign with an additional $50,000 worth of online media that will appear as display ads throughout Expedia.com. Additionally, Expedia Partner Services Group (PSG), the division that manages Expedia’s relationship with hotels, airlines and other supply partners, is working with travel suppliers in the Gulf states to deliver special offers for consumers during the homepage campaigns. PSG’s team of hundreds of employees in local markets across the globe works closely with the lodging, airline and destination services partners to ensure travelers have access to the best travel selection.

Eligible destinations interested in participating may contact Expedia Media Solutions at expediamedia@expedia.com to inquire.

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