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Hood warns of new BP oil spill scam

ACROSS MISSISSIPPI — Attorney General Jim Hood is warning Mississippi consumers of a recent scam that is targeting people affected by the recent BP oil spill.

Consumers have reported receiving an e-mail from someone purporting to be Tony Hayward, the CEO of BP. The e-mail begins as an apology for the oil spill. The e-mail then states that those who respond and provide their personal information will receive $500,000 in grant funds from BP.

The e-mail also cautions consumers not to disclose information about the grant opportunity.

“Unfortunately, scammers and con artists will use disasters like the BP oil spill as an opportunity to steal from unsuspecting victims,” said Attorney General Jim Hood. “Mississippians affected by the oil spill make desirable targets for these scam artists.” 

Florida’s Attorney General Bill McCollum has also issued an advisory to Floridians about this scam. In that advisory, McCollum’s office reported that the e-mail appeared to have originated in Nigeria and had been referred to the United States Postal Inspection Service for investigation.

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