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Irby makes hefty donation to storm victims

JACKSON — Stuart C. Irby, Co. Electrical Distributor has pledged considerable donations to the American Red Cross following the recent national disasters that hit multiple states where the company operates.

Mississippi, Tennessee, Oklahoma and the Dakotas fell in the path of the latest floods and tornadoes affecting many homes and businesses.

Individual contributions from employees were matched by Irby, resulting in a donation of approximately $15,000 for those states affected. In addition, Irby and its employees continued to show their support by committing to contribute $200,000 to the United Way, a sponsor of the American Red Cross, throughout 2010.

“Whether hands-on assistance to families affected by disaster or personal tragedy, or monetary contribution to those in need, employee involvement is something that has always set Stuart C. Irby apart from many other companies. It is my honor to be a part of such a generous and caring company,” said Irby president Mike Wigton.

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