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Lack of rain, heat taking toll on crops

ACROSS MISSISSIPPI — According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service in Mississippi, there were 5.7 days suitable for fieldwork for the week ending July 4. Mississippi celebrated Independence Day with fireworks and irrigation.

Reports from the Upper Delta are that corn is turning brown and shriveling in the field.

The southern and central regions did receive some showers during the week, but without continued rain, producers must continue to rely on irrigation. Soil moisture was rated 23 percent very short, 28 percent short, 44 percent adequate and 5 percent surplus.

“Adverse affects from dry conditions are evident across the county, especially non-irrigated crops. Rain last week was scattered and sparse. Aside from some weed issues and dry weather, the majority of the crops still look good,” said Charlie Bush of Bolivar County.

Ernest Flint of Attala County said, “We are now seeing the impact of poor pollination in some parts of this area. Corn yields will be reduced significantly in many of these fields; and to lesser degrees in others, depending upon localized rainfall pattern, temperatures, variety and time of pollination. Soybeans and cotton are handling the heat and drought conditions as well as can be expected.”

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