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Nevada man: Casinos are bad for business


It is a bad bet for local communities such as the one in Jones County, Miss., and states to rely on gaming to pay their bureaucrats’ salaries and budget deficits.

I know, because I live in Nevada. Casinos can prove to be a net financial and motivational loss to communities; gambling losses do not contribute to local community businesses, do not create well-paying jobs; gambling profits go to casino owners, which many live far away.

Few people win, most that lose — can’t afford it and lose repeatedly. Gambling casinos/and slot-parlors once established in a community amplify people’s gambling and other weaknesses, reinforce failure thwarting citizens’ motivation to do things productive.

States and local communities that believe gambling will provide tax revenues may be blind to the obvious collateral economic damage and resulting social demoralization gambling can cause a community e.g., gambling addiction, more foreclosures, increased crime and divorce; gambling establishments take dollars away from strapped local businesses causing layoffs and business closures. Most often casinos are followed by, fast check operators charging huge interests and pawnshops.

Ross Wolfe

Reno, Nev.

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